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About The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It, is one of many engaging Photo Challenges that Pet Photo Awards run, these are smaller competitions which are only open for entries for around 1 month – so be quick, but be creative!

This particular competition is dedicated to purely to the cat eyes – capture one or more than one eye! Shots can be macro or mid to close-ups.


At the time of writing, TICA – The International Cat Association recognises 73 breeds of cats (for championship competition) as listed below. However, for this photography competition we allow photos of all breeds of cat both pedigree and non-pedigree to be entered, and to make life easier for you – there will be a drop-down list to select from when you upload your images (don't worry if your beloved cat is not a purebreed, in that case simply select 'mixed-breed').

Abyssinian, American Bobtail, American Bobtail Shorthair, American Curl, American Curl Longhair, American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Australian Mist, Balinese, Bengal, Bengal Longhair, Birman, Bombay, British Longhair, British Shorthair, Burmese, Burmilla, Burmilla Longhair, Chartreux Chausie, Cornish Rex, Cymric, Devon Rex, Donskoy, Egyptian Mau, Exotic Shorthair, Havana, Himalayan, Japanese Bobtail, Japanese Bobtail Longhair, Khaomanee, Korat, Kurilian Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail Longhair, LaPerm, LaPerm Shorthair, Lykoi, Maine Coon, Maine Coon Polydactyl, Manx, Minuet, Minuet Longhair, Munchkin, Munchkin Longhair, Nebelung, Norwegian Forest, Ocicat, Oriental Longhair, Oriental Shorthair, Persian, Peterbald, Pixiebob, Pixiebob Longhair, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, Scottish Straight Longhair, Selkirk Rex, Selkirk Rex Breed, Selkirk Rex Longhair, Siamese, Siberian, Singapura, Snowshoe, Somali, Sphynx, Thai, Tonkinese, Toyger, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van.


By entering this competition, one of your images stands a chance to win:

  • The 1st Place 'The Eyes Have It' competition prize of: 1 Year's supply of cat food supplied by Sponsor
  • Pet Photo Awards – 1st Place 'The Eyes Have It' competition certificate
  • Your winning entry will be displayed at the flagship launch exhibition (TBC)

Competition details

Photo challenge
Online submissions
Entry start date:
1st September 2033
Closing date:
30th September 2033, 12 noon GMT


Key Points You Need To Know:
  • Please treat all animals with love and respect.
  • Please obtain the permission of the owner/s before taking/entering photos of their pet.
  • Please do not play 'dress-up' with your pets.
  • Do not use paid animal models.
  • The same images can be submitted into more than one competition, however when judged they cannot win more than one award across any of them.
  • Entries submitted for Photo Challenges are not eligible to be considered for the Overall Pet Photo Awards prize/s.
  • You may not submit watermarked images with your name or website visible on the photo. Please do not frame your images with borders.
  • For free-to-enter competitions – entrants should enter 1 image per token given, up to a maximum of 8 images (8 tokens).
  • Entrants' images must be .jpg or .jpeg format and of high enough quality.
  • We recommend all images are output to 1920px on their longest side at 72 ppi (ideally with an sRGB colour profile). Any larger than this and you are supplying images bigger than they will be seen or used by the Judges; your files will take longer to upload and/or download to judges and viewers’ screens.
  • The absolute maximum for each image must not be more than 7MB in file size and no more than 3000px on their longest side.
  • All entrants must be able to supply a high-res image (300 ppi) suitable for printing/exhibiting should the image be shortlisted. You may be asked for this when the time comes.

Category rules:

Images of all ages and breeds of cat are allowed, only photos of cat eyes are allowed. People should not be included.

All competitions are run based on skill, and will be judged by a panel of judges.

Please see the Pet Photo Awards General Rules page which always prevails.

How do I enter?

To enter this free-to-enter competition, please use the large button on the top left 'free single photo competition entry', then on the proceeding page, you will be allowed to generate up to 8x free entry tokens (per person limit).    

Entry method

Online submissions

Background image

Credit: Image by SamMino