The Fotoura App


Available now on iPhone and in high definition on the iPad, the Fotoura App brings all the resources available on the Fotoura website to the palm of your hand. What’s more, you can use your phone’s location to pinpoint where you are and find photography events and activities close to you.

Fotoura also makes a version of the Fotoura App for other businesses, societies, galleries and even for individuals. If you are interested in a Fotoura-based iPhone or iPad app, please visit our Fotoura App for Businesses page.

The Fotoura App Features

Find a photography exhibition

Finding exhibitions is easy. Once you have opened the Fotoura App you can search by exhibition or even by the type of exhibition or subject matter. Either select a category or type a keyword into the app and the matching activities will show.

Find photography events in your area

If you’re looking for a photography event near to you, simply use the ‘map’ search feature. This shows you the relative locations of the photography activities in your area. You can then click on them for more information, including opening times, website information and even booking numbers. You can then even use the map to find your way there.

Bookmark your events

When you’ve found photography activities, then save them in your phone as activities for the future.

Event calendar

If you want to see what is on right now, simply click on the ‘Events’ tab. This will show you all the photography events that are on right now, in the next week and coming up in the future.

Take a tour

Last but not least, why not download a tour and explore your local area in a new and exciting way? Because Fotoura is open to you to publish your own tours, you can create your own tours or exhibitions or photo stories to share with friends.


Fotoura App
Get all this information and more on the go, in the Fotoura App.

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