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Andrew's Photography (Reading)
Hello, my name is Andrew Woodham and i have recently set up business by the name ... VIEW PROFILE of Andrew's Photography. I am currently looking to build on my profile as a business and am looking for client to help me do so. I am a very artistic person and I like to be creative in every shot I do. I work in various number of areas of photography and would ideally like to add to my collection. I am new to the industry and look forward to working with those in my area, my fees will be minimal if there is any, but at the moment i doing freebies depending on the photos you want shooting. I like to keep myself occupied and always willing to offer extra services on top.   Most my photo shots will be digital, but put through an editor to make you look the best you possibly can, All my photos will be either saved to CD or Memory stick unless you specifically ask for me to print which i am more than happy to do. I will often ask to select a few for advertising purposes but you have every right to refuse if you wish to do so.
Toral Vyas (Ahmedabad)
Izzat Fahmi (Petaling Jaya)
Born in Kuala Terengganu,Terengganu in 1989. I have been taught since i was five ... VIEW PROFILE to learn the art of painting with my family. Every single times, I would love to be a Street Photography.All day long, I walk alone and I was thinking with deeps in my heart, "Thanks to Allah for wonderful creations". At the same times,I appreciated all the history in Malaysia.Graduated at SEGi College in Graphic Designer,Year 2010 with specialization in Desktop Publishing Artist. I used to work at Sri Perdana and Seri Satria, Putrajaya as photography event for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in 2011.
Sanket ()
Opie (London)
pennw (newport beach, California)
Mike Kemp (London)
I’ve always naturally gravitated towards a warm, humorous approach to reportag ... VIEW PROFILEe-style documentary, news, and street photography. Wandering the streets of London - often aimlessly, though sometimes with a single purpose - I find I’m never far away from a situation that’s about to be funny, or at least strange… - Jesus, wearing a crown of thorns, passes through police lines and, as he does so, checks his nails. - A baby in a pram chews, happily unawares, on a joke severed hand. - Bruce Willis, 'retired and extremely dangerous' on a large poster, protects frightened shoppers on Oxford Street as anarchists smash the place up. (see: But it’s not all just for fun, so my work is used in commercial and editorial sectors, and has been published widely. (see:
Anikó (Budapest)
Thanos Savvidis (Pafos)

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