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Anikó (Budapest)
Thanos Savvidis (Pafos)
GunnarFNovik (Gothenburg)
Communication consultant on a broad perspective, with a hot streak for street ph ... VIEW PROFILEotography.
yzekk ()
Eddie Ngugi (London)
Eddie Ngugi is a self taught photographer in documentary and travel. After gradu ... VIEW PROFILEating with a degree in Television from the University of Westminster, he has taken settlement in the extended art of photography from experience in Television Broadcast and values the complexity and challenge of capturing a decisive moment in picture. Having worked as a Camera Operator in video for events and conferences with such guests as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Paxman, Eddie now focuses solely on Photography and developing an identity in its creativity.  Based in London, he is available for freelance, assisting, national and international commissions, specialising in portraiture, commercial and news work.  In addition to producing high quality images for clients, Eddie enjoys expressing various photographic techniques with London as a canvas, particularly landscape and HDR photography. Eddie Ngugi currently shoots with a Canon EOS 7D camera and a Pentax MZ-3 film camera.
leli ()

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